AbstractSteel bar corrosion is one of the most common causes of structural performance degradation for reinforced concrete (RC) columns subjected to extreme loads such as earthquakes. Due to the different characteristics of corrosion effects, a comprehensive and efficient finite element (FE) modeling approach is necessary for the performance assessment of corroded RC columns. To this end, this study provides an effective FE modeling approach using a recently developed geometrically nonlinear fiber-based frame element that considers bond-slip, allowing for explicit representation of corrosion-affected bonding. This aspect necessitates the use of an explicit material model for corroded bond-slip and its associated corroded properties. Since the existing models of corroded bonding properties in the literature were developed based on the highly scattered and limited experimental data, this study develops a new probabilistic model for corroded bonding properties based on more experimental data compiled from the literature and quantifies the prevailing uncertainties. To facilitate its use for modeling corroded RC structures, a cyclic corroded bond-slip model in an open-source FE software framework is implemented. In this paper, the FE modeling approach is first used to model two corroded RC columns tested in the literature, with comparison to the conventional modeling approach (i.e., assuming perfect bonding). The influence of corroded bonding on the static and dynamic behaviors of RC columns is further explored deterministically. Furthermore, the impact of uncertainty in corroded bonding properties on the static and dynamic behavior simulations of RC columns is examined. This work is concluded that (1) the FE modeling approach provided for corroded RC columns proves to be effective in capturing corrosion effects; and (2) corroded bonding plays an important role in simulating the behavior of corroded RC columns, and thus cannot be neglected. This is particularly true considering its associated uncertainty and its impact on the performance assessment of RC columns under severe corrosion conditions.

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