AbstractInnovation is widely considered the lifeblood of organizational survival and growth. However, despite its importance, innovation diffusion does not take place spontaneously in organizations. In fact, diffusion of innovations (DoI) in project-based organizations (PBOs) is widely considered notoriously lukewarm. Nevertheless, it is inspiring to observe that project teams could suddenly change their lukewarm attitude in DoI when they receive pressure from the authority and industrial associations, or when they notice their peers starting to adopt an innovation. There seem to be some isomorphic pressures such as coercive, mimetic, and normative pressures that drive DoI. This research aims to identify the source factors of the isomorphic pressures that can be used to catalyze innovation diffusion with a focus on construction PBOs. It does so by conducting a 3-year in-depth case study in an international construction firm using a mixed-method approach including semiconstructed interviews and nonparticipatory observations. The research identified 12 specific source factors under the three categories of isomorphic pressure, i.e., coercive pressure, mimetic pressure, and normative pressure. Coercive pressure can arise from organizational policy, company culture, and influence from seniors; memetic pressure can stem from the influence of peer project teams as well as change agents such as innovation champions; and normative pressure derives from the sharing in regular events/meetings and related training. The practical contribution is that based on the source factors identified, top managers can tactically create such pressures to catalyze DoI meanwhile avoiding excessive pressures that might hinder DoI in their companies. Future studies are recommended to unravel the mechanism through which these source factors interact to take an effect, and based on that, devise the strategies that can harness the isomorphic pressures to boost DoI.

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