Home dcor is an art and choosing the best element to decorate your home and private space is a key feature to discuss and brainstorm with. DIY window treatment and all tiny details concerning your curtains make your room and window look good; in fact it renovates the interior dcor.
But, opening and closing the curtains and drapers as per you mood and natural light can sour your taste of peacefulness and can make you tired. The simple solution of maintaining this euphoria is getting you motorized curtains for your window treatment, making life easier, simpler, and more enjoyable with the maximum easiness.

With motorized window treatment, you can block the glare away or get access through sunlight as we can by having electric remote controlled drapery and curtains.
But before you order anelectric remote control drapery, you need to concentrate on certain crucial points to choose the best fitted look for your room:
Drapery Material
As you go for choosing your favorite stylish material for the drapery, consider choosing that quality textile of drapery which could get easily installed and access on electric automated mode. In general, electric draperies are heavier and more elegant than others. Thus, choose the material wisely.
Getting appropriate drapery measurement
For a motorized curtain and drapery installment, it is essential to have an accurate and precise window measurement, fitting on the window perfectly. If not, your entire hard work and interior dcor would get a grim look.
Decide on how the motorized curtains will be installed. Generally, you would find two options for the installation procedure:
Ceiling or wall mounting
Mounting single curtain (one side to another) or two curtains
Afterward, it comes to measuring the curtain track length. Use a metal tape to get the accurate measurement of the curtain track. Consider the following two important things:
Check if you want to mount the motorized curtains outside or inside recess
Factors in the fabric stack
You need to leave 2cms from the both sides to make sure the curtain track fits correctly within the recess.
Automation type
Motorized window treatments are truly customized as you want and choosing the right set of automated curtain can make your choice even worth appraising. As there are various options for automated draperies like light touch button or electric remote control window treatment, you give your house a smart design touch which can easily adjust with your desired automated window treatment.
Remote and Application Options
Whenever you set an electronic DIY window treatment concerning your motorized window curtain, buy an app that gets perfectly sync with your smartphone and home automation system so that you can access the window drapery anywhere you want.
Motor Noise
Sometimes motorized window treatments make noise. Thus, while you tend to buy one for yours, check the device and ensure to select a curtain that does not make sound.
Electric power source
Electric remote control draperies and curtains are generally battery charged or sometimes run with solar power. But it’s not the end of motorized blinds as for different motorized window treatment; different power sources are required depending on the size and type of curtain blind.
There are three types of battery power sources that can be adjusted with your smart motorized window treatment.
Battery powered charger are fitted once in the remote where it is able to control the blind for a long time (say 2-3 years) before it need to replace.
Plug-in Power chargers are simple to use as we simply need to plug the remote onto the power outlet and leave it.
Hard Wired chargers give you a clean installation of remote as it is penetrated within the room, letting you to monitor freely.
Thus, if you want a sophisticated charming look to your home, you should surely get amotorized window treatment to your home and take appraisal from the rest world.

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We at Galaxy Design offerwindows treatment solutions. On fixing the appointment with the professional, the client will go through a step-by-step procedure of dressing the window accordingly.

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