AbstractCracking is a common early disease of asphalt pavements. To evaluate the temperature shrinkage cracking resistance of an open-graded friction course (OGFC), the viscoelastic parameters of an OGFC mixture at different temperatures were obtained by uniaxial compression creep tests. According to the viscoelastic parameters, numerical models of the creep, relaxation, and temperature shrinkage cracking of an OGFC were established. Subsequently, the reliability of the numerical model was verified based on the creep test results and the extensive Maxwell model. The crack initiation temperature of the OGFC mixture at different cooling rates was analyzed by combining indirect tensile strength and temperature shrinkage stress. The results showed that the simulation results were close to the model results, and the average errors of the simulation results for creep compliance and relaxation modulus did not exceed 7.18% and 1.83%, respectively. The faster the cooling was, the greater the temperature shrinkage stress and the higher the crack initiation temperature were. The crack initiation temperature of the OGFC at a cooling rate of 20°C/h was about −3.5°C. This research provides a reference for quickly obtaining the crack initiation temperature of asphalt mixtures at different cooling rates.

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