AbstractThe advent of technologies has created a need for a system that can provide better management and application of smart technologies in smart cities. The paper attempts to provide a review of legal and ethical considerations in adopting digital solutions for smart cities. There are challenges in terms of legal and ethical issues regarding the application of autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles, robotics technology, three-dimensional (3D) printing, mobile technology, and the Internet of Things that act as a primary or secondary source of new regulatory and legal challenges. The paper addresses the concerns through an extensive literature review and suggests a roadmap for better adoption of smart technologies in smart cities. The legal and ethical implications are observed in the examples of the digital payment, waste management, and contractual systems. This study focuses on the legal and ethical issues arising in the application of smart technologies in smart cities. The methodology focuses on the analysis of the literature review to derive some critical points to explain the impact of legal and ethical issues on smart city applications. The legal and ethical concerns are studied in terms of use of data, application of technology, proper functioning of technology, misuse of the data, commercialization of the data, and unwanted calls.

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