AbstractQuantitative resilience assessment is an essential to the lifetime management of civil structures. With the uncertainties arising from both physical and socioeconomic dimensions, resilience needs to be measured probabilistically. Although existing resilience frameworks have addressed this need, none statistically characterize how much a system’s resilience migrates and in what direction it migrates. This paper proposes a lifetime resilience migration quantification (LRMQ) framework based on nonparametric distance metrics. In this framework, system resilience positioning is proposed by comparing the resilience of a variable system against two reference systems. Two decision-making analytics, a binary resilience classification (BRC) diagram and a lifetime resilience attenuation (LRA) model, are proposed. The proposed method is evaluated with success by performing numerical experimentation over a representative river-crossing bridge. It is observed that the bridge’s system resilience attenuates progressively in its lifetime; with the consideration of a scour countermeasure, resilience is effectively enhanced via visualizing the proposed BRC diagram and LRA model.

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