Environmentally friendly homes are defined as having little impact on the planet during the planning, construction, and life of the home. This includes the energy required to manufacture and transport materials to the construction site. According to one study, our homes account for over 40% of carbon dioxide emissions, which is why it’s imperative that we all work to build more sustainable and earth-friendly residences.

Classic log homes are one type of property that has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditionally-built houses. One reason that log homes are an excellent choice for environmentally aware buyers is the fact that log homes are made out of a naturally renewable resource. If we require loggers to use responsible logging methods such as re-planting where they cut, then we will have a steady reserve of logs for the future, without damaging the environment.

Another benefit is that in many areas of the country, logs can be locally harvested unlike steel or concrete, which require transport. Delivering materials around the country can be very expensive, emits a high amount of carbon dioxide into the air, and uses up a great deal of oil and gas. By shopping locally, you can reduce the impact your home has on the environment -during all its stages of building.

Another benefit to wood structures is that unlike common building materials, log homes do not require manufacturing or substantial processing, which involves chemicals and energy expenditure. The chemicals that go into making popular building materials are emitted in your home, which can pose a serious health risk for your family. These volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s are breathed into our lungs and can get into our bloodstream. Studies are still being done to examine the long term effects of being surrounded by these toxins, but it’s a good idea to avoid them at all costs.

In addition to be a non-toxic choice, log homes are also an extremely energy efficient alternative to other building materials. Owners of log cabins have long known the benefits of these types of structures in terms of how cozy there are in the wintertime and cool in the summertime. Wood has a natural ability to absorb heat and then release it, which is what enables cabins to stay comfortable all year long.

Log homes are also biodegradable and recyclable -far more so than other building materials. Log cabins can be torn down, and the logs used for other structures. These logs have a long life cycle, as they can be reborn with each new project. And when the log is past its usefulness, it easily biodegrades back into the earth.

By being mindful of what we use to build our homes, we can have a huge impact on improving the health of this planet. In addition, we can lower our energy costs and reduce the amount of indoor toxins that our families breathe in. If we’re conscious of the choices we make and look into better alternatives like the log home, we’ll all benefit in the long run. is your real estate gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. You’ll find information on Blue Ridge Georgia real estate, including general info about beautiful Blue Ridge Georgia.

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