Maintaining Your Venetian Blinds by Richard Conard

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Here is a look at how you can best look after and repair your Venetian or even vertical blinds. By looking after them you can extend their life saving you money, and you can ensure they stay looking great giving you the privacy and shade you need. Cleaning your blinds There are not a lot of complex cleaning solutions and tools when it comes to keeping your blinds clean. Just a damp cloth and wipe them clean. Do not rub too hard as that causes damage, bending or kinking of the slat you are cleaning. If you need to take them down to clean them you would ideally do this with someone helping you. Just unclip the brackets at the top and this will release the whole blind so make sure you and your helper are holding it securely when you unclip them. Venetian blinds damage and troubleshooting If you have problems and your blind is somehow damaged most of the parts are easy and inexpensive to replace. Things like the chain, the bottom rail and such are common parts that break and need replacing. The bottom raim is more intricate and might need expert blind repair work. Here are some common problems you might experience and what you can do about them. You can no longer lower the blind slats – You might find that when you try to lower the slats the lock on the cord does not release. If that happens hold the cord level with the headrail then pull again. If this does not release the lock remove the blind from the windows and look for the mechanism for the cord lock in the headrail. There should be a pin that slides out and that releases the cords. It should be tight against the cord so use a screwdriver to push the pin and disengage. You need to take care so that you do not damage the cords. The blinds are not hanging evenly anymore – If you have problems with them not hanging evenly then open the blind completely and then extend them. This works with vertical blinds Repeat this several times slowly and it should let them hang properly again. You can also manually adjust them but you have to do it carefully so as not to damage them. You need to replace one or more slats – If you need to replace a slat you first should take off the ladder cap from under the bottom rail of the Venetian blinds. This will reveal the cord ends which you can pull out a little. Cut above the knot and pull the cord up through the slat that is damaged. Remove it and replace it with the new one. Be sure you put in the slat so that the holes correctly line up with the other slats. Making sure you alternate the sides, weave the cords in and out of the route holes. At the bottom put the cord back into the bottom rail and tie off then put the caps back on and rehang the blinds.
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