AbstractThe 2015 Gorkha earthquake was one of the most devastating earthquakes in Nepal in this century. Postdisaster reconstruction is a complex and highly challenging process, especially concerning developing countries like Nepal, as it involves several well-coordinated plans and working activities. Due to the large scale of devastation, the Nepal government created a separate body, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), to manage and oversee recovery and reconstruction activities. This paper briefly discusses organizations typically involved in postdisaster reconstruction processes and the multifaceted roles they play. Document analysis on research papers, collected reports from the NRA, governmental departments, and many other organizations involved in the reconstruction was carried out. This study provides a comprehensive review of the reconstruction process after the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake, whereas previous studies have covered a specific issue. The reconstruction works are presented structurally in detail. Similarly, the crucial steps and lesson learned for managing expectations and building back better are highlighted. This study may help to develop effective organization and policies in future postdisaster reconstruction.

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