AbstractMetros constitute an important form of public transport in large cities throughout the world. Because metro transport encompasses long distances and large areas, many metro passengers must transfer to other transport modes to complete their journeys. This paper will review the recent literature on metro-related transfers and will summarize and discuss the key findings and issues regarding transfers between metros and other transport modes. A considerable number of studies in different countries have explored transfer behavior, the influencing factors that are related to metro-related transfers, and travelers’ perceptions of and satisfaction with these transfers. The paper will discuss the characteristics of travel behavior that is associated with metro-related transfers and could provide important implications to improve travelers’ perceptions of and satisfaction with these transfers. In addition, it will offer recommendations on aspects of the built environment that could facilitate transfers between metros and other travel modes. The paper could provide policy guidance for the integration of public transit and active and private transport and could be valuable in directing future research in this field.

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