AbstractGiven the heightened imperatives for supply chain resilience (SCR) in industrialized construction (IC) in Hong Kong, this study modeled the dynamic impact of supply chain vulnerabilities (SCVs) and supply chain capabilities (SCCs) on IC supply chains. The data collected through expert surveys, interviews, and case studies were analyzed using social network analysis (SNA) and system dynamics modeling (SDM) to develop the research models. Onsite assembly was identified as the most vulnerable supply chain phase, and anticipation as the most influential capability. Further, the use of an interoperable smart software package and other suggested strategies were shown to enhance IC’s resilient capabilities. As key practical contributions, these findings provide evidence-based insights for adopting well-focused performance-enhancing measures to achieve SCR in IC. Moreover, this is the first initiative to explore the potential applications of SDM and SNA to assess IC supply chain dynamics, targeting a goal of enhanced resilience. This study, therefore, contributes substantially to the IC and SCR knowledge domains. Findings should also motivate and provide insights for scholars pursuing similar industry-specific improvements in other jurisdictions.

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