Natural stones have been in use since ancient times, especially in European countries. These natural stones can still be seen in these areas because of their dense property, which lasts longer than other materials. Cost is the main concern for most homeowners, but there are other natural stones tiles besides granite and marble, for example, travertine and limestone, which cost less but never compromise on the look. Types: Some of the well-known types of natural stones are granite, marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, etc. Each stone has its unique characteristics, so homeowners should be meticulous while choosing the stone type for their house. These stones fit in all applications such as bathroom, kitchen, hallway, driveway, pool decks and patios. Benefits of Natural Stone: More Durable than Other Materials: Natural stones are dense, so durability is one such promised attribute that homeowners can expect from natural stones. Natural Stone beat other flooring materials in terms of strength, and that is why these stones are used in all types of complex projects, whether: residential or commercial. Nowadays, with the help of technology, many tile production companies are mimicking the appearance of natural stone tile on a cheap tile. Though it gives the look of natural stones, they won’t last long like genuine natural stones. Versatility and Design: It’s hard to find two identical stones of the same design, which gives a unique appearance to the space wherever it is applied. It comes in various sizes, shapes, colours, hues and finishes, so in terms of design, natural stones offer a wide variety of options to enhance the beauty of a house structure. Natural stones tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces throughout all seasons because they can withstand all climatic conditions. Maintenance is Easy and Cost-Effective: A gentle sweep is enough to remove the dirt or debris that falls on the and a damp cloth and mild detergent or suggested stone cleaner is more than enough to remove the stains. Sealers will help prevent water or any liquid from seeping into the stone tiles, so sealing the natural stones at regular intervals will ensure longevity. If you are thinking about adding natural stones to your outdoor or indoor flooring, contact MarblePlus Stone Tiles in Brisbane. With more than ten years of experience in the distribution of tiles and stone, we can help you choose the right stone for your house within the budget. Welcome to Marble Plus® – Superior Quality Marble & Stone Tiles in Brisbane & Sydney.We are a natural stone and tile importer, supplying our wholesale and retail customers wall and floor tiles since 1987.
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