Lexora – is a well-known quality brand for bathroom furniture. The designers are focused to combine the trendiest designs with quality technology and build. The Lexora mirror with lights collection includes different models and the latest one is Caldona. CALDONA LED Mirror for bathroom will help you to renovate your ordinary bathroom into magnificent sight. Incredibly designed to reflect every detail in the smallest details, it has a flawless surface with a multifunctional defogger that will make your mirror look crystal clear in every situation. Caldona mirrors are the top of technology integration. This collection combines Bluetooth connectivity, control lighting and music, as well as the time, all to your fingertips through the digital display. As easy to control as there is fun to discover, the Caldona collection of innovative features is created for every modern home. It is very important to choose the right bathroom furniture and especially mirrors. The bathroom requires a special attitude and care, since there is no constant temperature in it, high air humidity. In addition, the dimensions of the bathroom do not always allow you to attach exactly the mirror that you like. Accordingly, choosing a bathroom mirror is not an easy task. Lexora Caldona collection can offer you different sizes of LED mirrors, including: 36×36, 48×32, 48×36, 60×32 and 36×32 inches. Properties of moisture resistant mirrors: • the ability of the product to adapt to sudden temperature fluctuations and humidity. The ability to resist an aggressive environment that is provided thanks to the implemented technological process, which involves the addition of synthetic resins. These resins give the mirror special strength; • water is a destructive force in relation to a mirror. This means that the product assumes additional high-quality surface treatment, which extends its service life; • the mirror must be hardened, otherwise illumination of the mirror is impossible, since the light source is also a heat source, which also affects the structure of the mirror. What features will a mirror give in a bathroom? In everyday life, it is difficult to do without a mirror. In the bathroom, a mirror is necessary, because shaving, brushing teeth, applying creams and makeup is almost impossible without a mirror. Moreover, some cunning people manage to increase the space with the help of a mirror! Competent selection of mirrors and lighting will allow not only to enlarge the room, but also to refine it, creating a chic effect. We have already mentioned the quality of the mirrors above. But this, by far, is not all the nuances that you should be aware of when choosing a mirror for the bathroom. The fact is that mirrors differ in shape and mounting method. In New Bathroom Style you will be able to get a professional consultation and advices for the best option for your space. New Bathroom Style always welcomes customers to discover their bathroom furniture collection that, besides LED Mirrors, includes bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, faucets, bathroom fixtures, shower doors and panels. Located in Brooklyn, New Bathroom Style also delivers throughout the USA.
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