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Vactor Manufacturing, an industry leader in vacuum excavators,
industrial vacuum loaders and sewer and catch basin cleaners, has
introduced two new versions of the Vactor HXX Paradigm vacuum excavator.
A new, air-only configuration is equipped with the choice of air
compressor rated at 185 cfm @ 150 psi or 300 cfm 0 250 psi.
“Many of our contractor and utility customers are looking at
air excavation as a method to solve their spoil disposal issues,”
said Ben Schmitt, product manager, Vactor Manufacturing. “Air
excavation keeps the material dry and available for backfill–which is
very handy for subsurface utility engineering companies involved in
mapping utility infrastructure.”
The new extreme terrain configuration features a Mattracks 400
series rubber track conversion system for pipeline, utility and
construction applications. With a patented rubber torsion anti-torque
system, and 20-inch-wide front track and 30-inch-wide rear track, it
includes steering assist and a rocker suspension. The hub-mounted design
facilitates conversion approximately 45 minutes in a shop–from tires to
tracks, and from the road to harsh conditions and terrain.
“The track configuration of the Vactor Paradigm vacuum
excavator is ideal for pipeline applications where significant ground
pressure may cause damage to buried infrastructure,” said Schmidt.
“Previously, pipeline contractors operating vacuum trucks were
required to lay down wood matting on the job site to prevent the trucks
from applying too much ground pressure, a process that can be extremely
time consuming and expensive.” (815) 672-3171,

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