People are the one responsible in the negative changes that we have seen in the environment today. That’s why we human being should be aware of our choices every now and then. By being careful with our choices we can make the earth a better, full of life and healthier place to live in.

We created to progress and live life in advance and the modern way. Along with the progress caused negative impact and degradation to the environment. However, with the climate changes and calamities that we have experienced, people are now much concerned with the environment. The government and the rest of the world are making moves that will help lessen the environment degradation process.

Thankfully, there are so many methods to save the mother nature nowadays. We can start it with our home by transforming that into an eco-friendly property. That way you can save energy and helps preserve the environment. But what type of home is best for eco-friendly updates, is it a new home or an older one?

New Home Advantages

  • Insulation is very important a home must have as it helps maintain the temperature inside that could save energy. Modern homes come equipped with effective energy saver insulation.
  • With the modern homes, bathroom equipments like, faucets and shower heads are designed to use less water compared to their older counterparts.
  • Windows installed in the new homes will save you a lot of energy, prevent any heat leakage, damage or any problems associated with the older windows. They will remain in good condition for long time as they were built to last.

New Home Disadvantages

  • Formaldehyde-containing particle board are usually found in new homes.
  • Sometimes base models of newly-built homes are with low-end features, like vinyl counter tops and wood laminate flooring.

Old Home Advantages

  • When looking for quality craftsmanship, real wood flooring and architectural design that much different from others, can have it all with the old homes.
  • Parts of the house will deteriorate as the time goes by that needs a remodeling job that will greatly increase its energy efficiency.

Old Home Disadvantages

  • Being exposed too much to the minerals called asbestos may cause several health problems and illness. Old homes may contain this kind of hazardous minerals, and workers may put their life at risk of being exposed during remodeling process.
  • Older homes may cost you a great amount of energy usage. Energy efficient windows, bathroom equipments and appliances are rarely found in this home.

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