AbstractMost countries adopt the mechanical theory of a layered elastic system under vertical load as the design method for asphalt pavement. This calculation theory does not consider the influence of the horizontal force of the vehicle load, and it is also unable to calculate the creep, relaxation, and other behaviors of the pavement material under repeated loads. To overcome these limitations, this research derived the analytical solution of the layered viscoelastic system under horizontal and vertical loads and developed a numerical calculation program for viscoelastic half-space and multilayer system. The accuracy, efficiency, and stability of the calculation program were tested to meet the requirements. The viscoelastic mechanical responses of the checkpoints in structural design under different horizontal load factors were calculated through the program. The results showed that the horizontal load significantly affects the distribution of stress and displacement of the pavement structure and the extent of the horizontal load impact varies in different positions. The horizontal load should be considered in pavement mechanics analysis and structural design.

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