AbstractThe adjusted porosity/cement index η/(Civ)a showed to be an interesting empirical rational dosage methodology for soil-cement purposes as it inputs into a single parameter the role of the compactness and the amount of cement on the strength of such materials. Ergo, by establishing a specific η/(Civ)a, the same unconfined compressive strength result could be obtained through several combinations of cement contents and porosity values. Still, such an assertion has not yet been verified for a broad range of distinct dosages within specific η/(Civ)a values. The present research intends to address this gap by conducting unconfined compressive strength tests on distinct mix designs established within seven specifics η/(Civ)0.28 values (i.e., 45, 40, 30, 35, 25, 22.5, and 20). At least three distinct dosages were assembled within each adopted porosity/cement index value for compacted clayey sand-cement mixtures. The results within each η/(Civ)0.28 were evaluated by means of Tukey´s multiple comparison test in order to assess the statistical equivalence of the attained strength results for each mixture design setting (dosage). In general, statistical differences were encountered among some dosages within each η/(Civ)0.28 index. Nonetheless, all of the strength results could be successfully correlated to this index with a great coefficient of determination (R2=0.97).

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