AbstractIn the seismic performance assessment of reinforced concrete (RC) frames, a reliable estimation of the capacity of unreinforced masonry (URM) infill walls is of utmost importance to ensure structural safety conditions. With particular attention to the out-of-plane (OoP) capacity of URM infill walls after in-plane (IP) damage, the issue of defining reliable analytical prediction models for the assessment of the capacity is an ongoing study. In this paper, empirical equations are proposed for the evaluation of the infilled frame’s OoP capacity, with or without IP damage, based on an extensive numerical parametric analysis, focusing on the influence of the key parameters that govern the mechanical model. The OoP capacity of URM infill walls, considering the variation in their geometrical and mechanical properties, was evaluated by using a macroelement model. The OoP strength was found to be largely influenced by the compressive strength, slenderness ratio, aspect ratio, and, additionally, level of IP damage. The reduction of OoP strength and stiffness due to IP damage was largely governed by the strength and the slenderness ratio of the URM infill wall. The reliability of the proposed model was also proved by comparisons with experimental results and some of the analytical models already available in the literature. The proposed equations provide reliable estimates of the OoP capacity by strongly indicating the suitability of the adopted macroelement model in capturing the OoP response of URM infills.

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