AbstractThis article aims to propose an asphalt mixture with deicing and permeable functions to address the dilemma of excessive stormwater runoff during summer and ice accumulation in winter for pavement in southwest China. A peeling test and ice melting test were first conducted to select one powder and one granular anti-icing additive for better deicing performance. Then the effects of anti-icing additive contents on deicing and pavement performance of deicing permeable mixtures were investigated to select the best content. Additionally, the effect of immersion treatment on the pavement performance of deicing permeable mixture was analyzed. The results showed that the rise in additives content would help to improve deicing performance, as expected, regardless of additive type. The optimal content of the powder additive was reached by replacing 80% of the mineral powder, and the optimal mass ratio of granular type was 5% of the mixture. The addition of additives weakened the low-temperature performance and water-stability performance of the permeable mixture, whereas a high-temperature performance was observed when granular additive was adopted. The pavement performance of the mixture with granular additive was better than the mixture with powder additive under different immersion treatments. Overall, the granular anti-icing additive is recommended for use in a permeable mixture. This research is helpful and may provide guidance for the design of deicing permeable asphalt mixtures.

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