AbstractThe expanding height of multistory mass timber buildings makes the development of guidance to prevent disproportionate collapse an increasingly important area of engineering design; however, there is no guidance available in building codes or design standards on how to prevent disproportionate collapse of multistory mass timber buildings. In this paper, practical project-specific solutions applied in constructed prominent multistory mass timber buildings to prevent disproportionate collapse are presented. Various approaches have been successfully used for different construction types of multistory mass timber buildings to decrease the potential risk of disproportionate collapse, such as using walls above supports as deep beams and using columns to carry tension forces and hold the floor below in case a supporting column or wall is damaged. Then, recent and ongoing research in the field of prevention of disproportionate collapse of multistory timber buildings is reviewed. Such research is mostly based on numerical simulations of element removal scenarios and pushdown experiments on floor systems and connections and provides valuable insights and guidance to designers on important structural aspects regarding the prevention of disproportionate collapse in multistory mass timber buildings. Finally, the draft provisions for an upcoming standard related to the prevention of disproportionate collapse are reviewed, and the conclusions regarding the state of the art are presented.

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