AbstractThe study’s primary purpose is to compare the analysis procedures of simple deterministic and comprehensive probabilistic techniques. Nonlinear static pushover analysis is considered to assess the RC frame’s seismic response and evaluate the influence of uncertainties in the material’s mechanical properties on the seismic response. A simulation-based procedure was adopted to generate a fragility curve for a 4-story RC frame building designed per the Indian standard for Seismic zone V. The traditional, straightforward deterministic approach was used to calculate the spectral displacement from the derived capacity curve. The thresholds for the different limit states, namely, slight, moderate, extensive, and complete damage, were determined. The concrete and steel strength properties were taken as the random variables. The structural response of the RC frame was analyzed using the Monte Carlo approach. The obtained results show an increase in the uncertainty and structural responses in the probabilistic analysis compared with the deterministic technique. The importance of approaching the building’s fragility and expected damage assessment concerns from a probabilistic perspective is a crucial finding of this study.

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