AbstractProject close-out is one of the critical phases for any construction project. Quality of close-out data, timeliness of completion, and responsiveness to owner expectations affect the overall client–contractor relationships. Delays in the close-out process can also affect project profitability and delay moving resources to the next job. Because most of the construction scope of work is performed by the subcontractors, it is critical for the close-out process to be performed efficiently at the subcontractor level. One of the critical subcontractors that are involved in every construction project is the HVAC mechanical contractors. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and document the existing close-out processes that are currently being utilized by the HVAC mechanical contractors in the construction industry. Professionals from 14 different HVAC mechanical contracting companies participated in the semistructured interviews for a multiple case study analysis. The qualitative analysis in the form of constant comparison and thematic coding using transcripts from the interview was used to identify the general structure of the close-out process, various close-out strategies, project control and success measures for project close-out, use of technology, and the critical close-out documents. The key findings of the study include the importance of planning for project close-out in the planning phases of the project, clear understanding of the owner and general contractor expectations, and proactively implementing methods to collect close-out data and documentation as soon as it becomes available instead of delaying until the end of the project.

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