Green homes are getting more popular these days. People have a growing concern about the environment. And as advocates of its preservation, they take it into consideration in almost everything they do, even in the process of selecting their homes.

Actually, green homes do not only benefit the environment. It could also help owners improve the quality of their living. With these kinds of home, you can have a healthy life that is free from health problems. Aside from that, going green could also cut a material value of the utilities expense. Owning a home like this allows efficient energy consumption without even trying so hard.

If you want to have quality living, then buy a green home. Real estate agents are promoting these kinds of home. However, before you say yes to any offers, you should know what to look for in a green home. Mind you, this kind of home does not mean the house should be literally green in terms of paint and fixtures. To learn more about it, check out the information below:


Some green homes are strategically located to make everything accessible. This means you can reach places without having to burn fuel. You can just walk or ride a bike to reach places. For example, if you want to buy few grocery items, you no longer have to bring your car with you. You can just walk by the tree-filled pavements, without being sunburned. At the same time, gets you to exercise less rigorously.


Green homes are built with eco-friendly materials. Flooring is constructed with hardwood and other hardwood materials. The goal is to have a flooring that is easy to maintain. Moreover, using them eliminates the use of toxic materials brought about dyes and glues.

The whole house should be properly insulated. This involves use of loose fills sprayed into the attic, use of blanket rolls, and proper filling of wall cavities with the use of boards and foams. There are various materials used for insulation. They could be cotton, cellulose and fibreglass. You may find out more about them in the Department of Energy’s Insulation Fact Sheet.

Windows and doors should be properly weather-stripped. This improves the containment of cold and hot air within your homes. Windows should also be large to allow more light to enter the room, especially in daytime.

Plumbing Systems

In green homes, pipes are properly insulated to lessen the heat that is lost upon its travel. The pipes should also be well constructed within the walls not on the exterior to prevent proximity to cold temperatures. Faucets used are usually low-flow. Toilets are also low-flush. All of this stuff helps you use water efficiently.


The use of appliances is one of the major reasons why too much electricity is consumed. Green homes usually have built-in eco-friendly appliances that allow you to reduce consumption of electricity and water. At the same time, they allow you to extend the life of your appliances.


Green homes are properly landscaped. Plants and trees surround the place for absorbing heat, instead of directly entering your homes. The shadier your homes are, the cooler it gets, the lesser your HVAC system has to work. In addition, it promotes healthy living as you get to breathe in fresh air all the time.

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