Hi, I just got my PE(California) and am looking to apply to Caltrans as a Transpiration Engineer. When looking at the Alternate Range Criteria 351, I would fall under Range D by having my license. And in the job posting, that would correlate to $ 8,293 or $99,515 annually.

That seems very high considering I only have 4 years of experience. I was only expecting around $85,000 once I got my license. Would this $99,515 be correct??

Also has anyone interviewed with Caltrans and can inform me on how long they took to contact you? I know they usually move pretty slow.

Job Posting: https://www.calcareers.ca.gov/CalHrPublic/Jobs/JobPosting.aspx?JobControlId=213763

Alternate Range Criteria https://www.calhr.ca.gov/Pay%20Scales%20Library/PS_Sec_11_ARC_300-399.pdf


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