Howdy all you braniacs! I’m a non-engineer but cursed with an over analytical mind. I’m trying to build a home desk but am stuck trying to devise the level of cross-supports I need to incorporate into my desk design. I obviously don’t want to be lacking here, but i also don’t want to be going over… board with it. I’ll be posting this inquiry to the woodworking community as well but figured y’all would be the most appropriate community to pose this question to.

To make it quick, my desk will be 84″ long, 30″ deep, and 29″ tall. I tried to transpose my design into excel, so bear with me on the images…

Outside of the legs running me support front to back, I’ll be running lag bolts to join the top three boards for extra front to back support.

Excel design pictures:

Are there any good resources out there that may help me to figure out at which point I’ve sufficiently braced my desk for the lateral weakness (reasonable assumption given its length)?


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