AbstractThe main objective of this paper is to develop equations correlating the erosion resistance of a soil to its common geotechnical properties. A total of 975 erosion tests and approximately 13,600 associated common geotechnical properties were organized in a database called Texas A&M University (TAMU)-Erosion. About 300 of the 975 erosion tests and approximately 4,200 associated common geotechnical property tests were performed at Texas A&M University over the past 20 years. In parallel, an additional 675 erosion tests and approximately 9,400 corresponding common geotechnical properties were collected from the open literature. The erosion tests include mostly the erosion function apparatus test (EFA), jet erosion test (JET), and hole erosion test (HET). The raw data for all tests are embedded in TAMU-Erosion, along with an inquiry operation manual that allows the user to search the database. This database was used along with a standard statistical regression method and a probabilistic representation to develop the best equations correlating the erodibility parameters to the geotechnical properties. The best fit for each equation was quantified using standard goodness of fit indices. The best equations are presented along with probability curves conveying to the user the probability that the predicted value will be overpredicted or underpredicted.

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