AbstractPrestressed soil anchors are utilized as a part of a deep excavation support system of a construction site in Turkey. After the completion of the construction, temporary soil anchors used for this site were no longer needed and, therefore, idle. Another construction about 2 years later started near this site. For the deep excavation support system for the second site, the soil anchors of the first site were used as tendons. After the construction was completed at the second site, the tendons became idle too. In this case study, the selected procedure provided several advantages to the construction in the second lot in terms of time and the overall cost of the excavation support system. The implementation of this system requires as-built information on the temporary support system of the first site. Besides, the free stressing length of the anchor utilized for the wall at the first lot is supposed to be longer than the distance to the second wall that is planned to be built at the neighboring lot so that the stressing is possible. Soil anchor strands used for the first construction site are to be intact. This paper presents the application of previously installed soil anchors as post-tensioned tendons and also the approach for the tendon post-tensioning load.

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