Room Sketcher is an Amazing Website that helps to Create Floor Plans and Home Design Online. By using this website you can create your floor plans, home design, and office projects online. Also, You can draw yourself, or order from their Floor Plan Services. With RoomSketcher you get a collaborative floor plan that you can edit online. Easily you can Visualize with high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans, Live 3D, 3D Photos, and more. Read more to know the details about this website.

How to make 2D floor plans by using Room Sketcher?

2D floor plans by using Room Sketcher

By using this website, Creating a 2D Floor Plan is very easy. Normally, Floor plans are used to have to be drawn by hand or by professionals using AutoCAD software. It takes time and expensive. But now, you can create a high-quality floor plan quickly, easily, and affordably by using RoomSketcher.It is an easy-to-use floor plan software that helps you to create high-quality 2D Floor Plans. Draw a floor plan in minutes or, you can order a floor plan from their Floor Plan Services.

RoomSketcher uses simple drag and drop tools which make drawing a floor plan very easy. Firstly, Just click and drag to draw walls, add windows and doors, and to furnish your floor plan. With the help of Integrated measurement tools, you can easily create an accurate 2D floor plan. Also, You can show wall measurements on your floor plan. As well as the available room sizes in Length x Width or square meters and feet. Plus, you can easily calculate the area of your floor plan in over six different ways.

RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plans are high-resolution and optimized for print and web. It Helps to Create the standard floor plans, black and white floor plans, or floor plans with color and materials. It is easy to print or downloads your floor plan in multiple scales and formats to suit your particular project needs.

How to make 3D floor plans?

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