Having a neat and healthy lawn is more than just something nice to look at. It is a reflection of you and your home and it is a place where you can find peace of mind and enjoy the outdoors. On a great lawn, you can make some great memories. But having a healthy lawn does not just happen without some effort from you or a lawn service professional. Pests and diseases happen and this is not just damaging to your lawn. It impacts your home too and can even decrease its value. There is a range of diseases and pests to consider. This means lawn pest control, Hampshire and beyond is necessary for your lawn and for your property. Common lawn pests and diseases Some of the pests and diseases you face when looking after your lawn include; Ants – Ants build nests in your lawn and cut your grass roots. Chafer grubs – Eat the grass roots and live in your lawn. As well as the issue of the damage they cause themselves there is the problem that an infestation attracts birds and animals to eat them and they then cause damage to the lawn too! Fairy rings – Fungus on your lawn growing in rings. There are several types and each grows in different situations and needs treating differently. Fusarium also known as snow mould – A disease that can come after being covered in snow for a long time or after being damp for a long time. Lichen – This is not a good sign for your lawn, it means it is in dire need of care. Moles – Can do a lot of damage to your lawn in their search for food. Red thread – A common lawn disease that leaves red or pink threads. Rust – Yellowing grass if it is not from drying out could be the disease rust so you may need lawn disease control Hampshire. Lawn pest control options There are several choices for lawn pest control and disease treatment. A lot of them though use harmful chemicals that are not good for the lawn, creatures or people living there. Some of these pesticides are literally poising you over a long period and there are studies looking at the connection between certain illnesses and certain chemicals. When using pesticides like that can also get into the local water supply and contaminate it. Choosing greener lawn treatment options There are many effective green or organic options for controlling pests and treating diseases. If that is important to you then you should make that clear in your choice of lawn service should you invest in one. Choosing one or more of these is the best option for your family and yourself and for the local environment. Lawn pest control Hampshire can be done in a manner that is effective and not damaging. Conclusion There are some very effective and professional lawn disease control Hampshire businesses to choose from so take your time and choose the best one for you.
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