For the last few years, efforts, like going green, are being made to protect Mother Nature. Global warming and its adverse effects on the environment have made each one of us to closely look at every decision we make in our everyday life. “Going green” does not only mean using environment friendly products. Instead, it focuses on many other aspects, such as conserving resources, reducing the material waste, maintaining air quality and conserving energy.

With increasing awareness in the society, growing number of people are now taking important steps to green up their homes. A recent study has revealed that homeowners can cut back their energy usage by almost fifty five percent with some simple eco-friendly changes in their house. As not everyone has a budget to completely remodel their house to make it eco-friendly, there are a few green choices that one can make and modify the decor of their home.

The markets are loaded with many affordable eco-friendly products that can beautifully enhance the appeal of your property without costing you an arm and a leg. For instance, eco-safe paints are available, which do not contain harmful chemicals. The latest flooring trends, too, have gone green with natural materials, like bamboo, wood and recycled rubber. In fact, you can even find carpets and rugs, made from the recycled materials. Using re-purposed and recycled furniture is also a top home decoration trend today. Though, going green is budget friendly, it does not imply that green changes are not classy. This is the reason why people from different classes of society are buying and recycling the used materials.

Organic linens and cottons are also rising in popularity, because of their eco friendliness. You can even consider purchasing new electrical appliances with energy star ratings on them. This way you would not only enjoy low electricity bills but also a greener and healthier environment. Proper ventilation is also very important. Correct use of air vents and exhaust fans would prevent the pollutants from suffusing in your home. Besides, it is also crucial to have proper insulation to make the most of the energy systems installed in the home and reduce the heating and cooling bills. Again, this should be done keeping in mind the environment and its safety. Thus, recyclable materials, like old newspapers, soy beans, denims etc, would make a great choice for insulation.

To adopt a green lifestyle you also have to alter your current lifestyle. For instance, avoid wasting water by turning off the taps, fans and lights when not in use, grow a kitchen garden in your own house, avoid going in a car to cover even short distances and many more. It is also advisable to reuse the existing fixtures and other products, if possible, rather than buying replacements. This would not only improve your resource efficiency but also help you take a step towards saving the planet by making your home green.

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