AbstractWe present an adaptive importance sampling (IS) method to estimate the reliability of linear structures with parameter uncertainties that are subjected to Gaussian process excitation. Structural failure is defined as a union of multiple first-passage failure events. The main contribution is the introduction of an efficient IS density for the uncertain structural parameters. This density is determined by minimizing the cross-entropy (CE) between the theoretically optimal IS density of the structural parameters and a chosen parametric family of probability distributions. The CE minimization procedure requires evaluation of the system failure probability conditional on fixed values of the uncertain parameters. A closed-form analytical approximation of this conditional failure probability was derived based on an upper bound on the out-crossing rate. Finally, a joint IS density of the random excitation and the uncertain structural parameters was introduced to estimate the series system failure probability involving parameter uncertainties. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method was demonstrated by means of two examples: a Gaussian white noise–excited two-story linear shear frame; and a six-story, three-bay moment-resisting steel frame subjected to a filtered nonstationary Gaussian excitation.

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