If your home is small or your budget is tight, you might be debating whether a changing table is actually necessary. A place for your tiny wiggle monster to change is essential, but a changing table is most definitely not. Given how fast they lose their utility, a standard changing table requires a lot of floor space and can cost as much as $200. There is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing the changing table of your dreams (or selecting a used choice), but if you want to make the most of your space and budget, there are more sensible options. Try one of these five ingenious solutions if you’re seeking for a better changing table substitute. 1. The Combination Dresser/Changing Station Choose a low, sturdy dresser and turn it into a temporary changing station rather than buying a traditional changing table. Select a changing mat that is padded and has raised sides, then fasten it to the top. You can store diapers and other needs in a set of attractive wicker baskets or fabric bins and have everything you need within easy reach. You’ll benefit from the additional storage a dresser offers and ultimately get much more usage out of your buy. 2. The Retractable Changing Table When working with a very tiny space, a built-in, fold-out changing table can be just what you need. These ingenious designs fold away from the wall to offer a stable shifting surface that is simple to store when not in use. They also enable you to make use of areas that would otherwise be wasted, such the wall behind the entrance. You can make your own fold-out table in addition to buying a wall-mounted type. 3. The Tractable Changing Table A folding or portable changing table is an excellent option if you like the notion of a foldaway changing table but are not eager to start making holes in the wall. It offers a lot of the advantages of a built-in changing table without the challenging installation procedure, making it a more practical choice for parents who rent their home. When not in use, these affordable freestanding changing stations can be folded flat and stored in a closet or behind a door, making them ideal for tiny nurseries with constrained space. 4. The Changing Table For The Crib A crib-top changing table earns extra points for practicality even though it isn’t particularly sophisticated. These tiny wooden trays, which are made to fit horizontally across the top of the crib, make the ideal changing surface. Just slip the entire unit under the crib once you’re finished. 5. 5. Changing Station To change your child, all you actually need is a flat surface, a washable changing mat, and your diapering necessities. Why not spend money on a few reliable caddies and a few sizable, transportable changing mats rather than a changing table? Place these pre-made changing stations throughout the house, and you’ll always have access to your supplies.
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