If you discover that a new roof is needed for your home, the most important question is which type works best for your residence. There are several roof types to choose from, but many homeowners will consider either a tile or slated roof as being the best. Knowing the advantages that each provides will help you make the best-informed decision. Plus, your trusted roofers in Coventry can help.
What follows are a few tips that will help you better understand the differences between tile and slate or slated roof.

A roof tile is created from clay or concrete which has been cured in a kiln. They are made in a factory and come in a variety of sizes and colours. This means that you have a considerable choice in selecting the type of tile you want for your home.
The tiles themselves are quite durable, long-lasting, and can hold up to even extreme weather conditions. Another advantage is that because tiles are mass-manufactured, they tend to be inexpensive. This is true even with unusual roofs that need specially cut tiles.
Slate is a naturally occurring type of tile that is mined and then split into layers. Slate is quite durable and beautiful. Slate is also abundant thanks to the mines in the region which produces vast quantities of this material. Although many less expensive slate products come from overseas.
Although natural, the slate is inspected and tested to ensure that it meets the proper standards before being sold. Slate is usually gray in color with some variations depending on the materials and where it was mined. Because there is no uniformity to the slate, a roof with this product will not have an even colour scheme.
Important Differences
Although tiles may not be as visually appealing as slate, they offer many advantages which start with their lower price and greater variety of sizes and colours. Tiles are also quite durable and relatively easy to replace when damaged since they are manufactured with the sizes readily available.
Another important difference is that slate will need to be graded before installation. This can make installing a slate roof considerably more expensive compared to tile. Since tile is manufactured, the right pieces exist for most needs. Slate needs to be sorted first, then graded before being installed.
Bottom line, if you have the money and enjoy the look of slate, then it is the superior choice for you. However, if you are looking to save money, have a wider choice of colours, and want the roof installation to be quick while not sacrificing quality, then tile is the best choice.
Whether you choose a tile or slated roof, your roofers in Coventry are waiting for your call. They offer the prompt, professional installation service that ensures a proper installation. Call today and find out more about how your Coventry roofers can install a new roof that meets your needs while exceeding your expectations in terms of quality, longevity, and competitive pricing.

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