There is a much believed thought that it is the gas guzzling sports cars and SUVs, which have posed a threat to the environment. However, fact of the matter is that majority of issues with the environment actually come from our offices and houses. Studies have revealed that houses consume over twenty five percent of world’s total energy and therefore, are responsible for almost twenty percent of the global greenhouse emissions. With these statistics showing high energy consumption by houses, there is not even an iota of doubt to the fact that green housing holds great significance.

One of the major reasons why so much of energy is being used in the houses is because of the so called “necessary” appliances, which people cannot do without. Rarely would you find a house today, where things, like computer, television or microwave, are not there. Another big issue in a house is the cooling and heating, which is needed. It is the cooling and heating systems which use almost sixty five percent of all the energy resources in a house. It is important to understand that green housing is not something concerned with cutting the requirement for cooling and heating. The idea behind green housing is to cut down reliance on the energy sapping devices or systems.

The good part is that a growing number of people wish to contribute and do their bit in solving the environmental issues and this is the reason why green housing and green living are getting increasingly popular. Having a green lifestyle does not imply that you have to stop using electrical appliances and instead, opt for only the solar panels. It is actually about making certain changes in your lifestyle to reduce the energy consumption. Green housing involves a huge compilation of several aspects related to constructing a house. For supporting the green movement many families today opt to build their house with certified wood harvested from sources that have been properly managed. The materials used in green housing are the products which have been effectively manufactured using resource-efficient methods.

These practices aim at decreasing energy consumption, minimizing the waste and reducing the greenhouse gases. The significance of green housing is therefore very clear. This type of living might not be easily accessible to everybody at this moment in time. However, people who have started to follow the green building practices today, have actually secured for themselves a healthier and safer future. People, who cannot afford to have a green home at present, can try to make small, but significant, changes in their current house. Remember, even a small step that supports “green living” can help you save a lot of energy. Using energy saving CFL bulbs, creating a nice kitchen garden in the backyard of your house, installing double-pane windows and doors etc, are some of the changes that can be made in a house to make it more energy efficient. Besides, lifestyle changes, like turning off the lights when not in use, switching off the fans when not required etc, are also important steps towards green living.

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