AbstractIn this paper, a modified/extended rotational hardening (RH) rule is applied to the nonassociated simple anisotropic constitutive model, SANICLAY-D, for clayey soils. In the proposed model, the destructuration mechanism, as well as zero and nonzero fabric anisotropy at critical state (CS), are considered. A detailed model formulation with the RH rule that yields a unique CS in the e-ln(p′) space is presented including an appropriate form of the relatively simple substepping integration algorithm. In addition, the model is implemented into ABAQUS finite-element software using a User-defined Material (UMAT) subroutine and used in the simulation of various experimental tests. The modified SANICLAY-D model (SANICLAY-MD) is meticulously calibrated step by step for Saint-Alban sensitive soft clay. Drained and undrained triaxial tests after various consolidation paths as well as the direct simple shear (DSS) test are simulated for Saint-Alban and Bothkennar clays as a boundary value problem. Simulation results approve the SANICLAY-MD model’s performance in the prediction of the natural soil behavior. Results show that neglecting the effect of fabric anisotropy at CS and destructuration of natural clays can lead to inaccurate prediction in the constitutive modeling of intact soft soils.

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