This article provides information about the design and repair of a single hole bathroom faucets. In recent years, single hole faucets have become increasingly popular, which are characterized by an increased level of convenience and durability compared to other types of faucets. The reasons for the steadily increasing popularity of single hole faucets lie in the design of these products. There is only one handle in such faucets (instead of the usual two handles in three-hole faucets). The intensity of the water supply and its temperature are controlled by turning this lever. Single Hole Bathroom Faucets Advantages of single handle faucets The single-handle faucet allows you to increase or decrease the water supply without changing its temperature. This is due to the fact that the flow rate and temperature of the water are regulated by different turns of the handle. To change the temperature, the knob must be turned left or right, and to change the pressure – up or down. Switching from the supply of only hot water to the supply of only cold water, as well as the complete opening of the tap, is carried out by means of small turns of the lever, which is also very convenient. A long life of single-hole bathroom faucets is provided due to the fact that they do not contain metallic rubbing parts (such as the body and stem in the valve head) and rubber, as well as other seals between moving parts (such as the stuffing box and valve gasket in the valve head). In a mono-handle faucet, such fast-wearing elements are replaced by parts made of high-strength ceramics. Thanks to the high accuracy and cleanliness of the processing of the contacting surfaces, tightness is created between the moving ceramic parts. The only thing that can negatively affect the ceramic elements of a single lever faucet is the mechanical impurities contained in the water. Particles of sand, rust and other abrasive substances coming in with water from the faucet can quickly disable this plumbing product, which under normal conditions can work almost forever. And although many single-hole faucets have a built-in filter, the quality of tap water is so low that it cannot cope with its cleaning. The best solution in this situation is to install a main filter at the inlet of the water supply to the apartment or to the house. The appearance of a bathroom faucet with a single handle You may agree, the first thing that attracts attention is the appearance of the device. And in this direction, single hole faucets are the undisputed leaders. They have a modern and technological design. The body shapes of most models are characterized by smooth transitions and streamlined, there are no visible seams. The outer surfaces of the faucets are finished with chrome or nickel plating, a variety of color coatings. Such a variety of finishes and shapes makes it easy to select a faucet to any bathroom or kitchen interior. Single-hole faucets are conventionally divided into those designed for washbasins and kitchen sinks, as well as to devices with a tap for turning on the shower and with a “shower spout” switch – the latter are installed in the bathrooms. Often a spout of a single handle faucet is made as a whole with its body, however, there are also models with a rather long swivel spout. At a working faucet, the handle rotates smoothly, without passes and jamming. When grains of sand constantly penetrate into the head of a single faucet, the tightness can be broken. The grains of sand when the faucet is turned on, like mini-incisors, create small grooves in the densely ground surfaces of the parts of the head made of ceramics. Over time, the grooves become a lot, and the faucet begins to leak. In this case, the head must be changed, since it is almost impossible to eliminate the defect at home.
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