AbstractProduction planners in construction face several problems related to the lack of information regarding construction project status, changes to resource availability, instability in production rates, design changes, and limited situational awareness (SA). Poor SA leads to uninformed and suboptimal resource allocation decisions. As a result, the construction workflow is negatively affected, degrading project performance. This study focuses specifically on possible relationships between production planners’ SA and the resulting workflow quality. Such understanding can lead to the development of measures to improve production management in construction. Interviews with diverse production planners highlighted the nature of the information needed, issues related to the lack of SA, and the effect on workflow. A serious roleplaying game was devised to measure the correlation between production planners’ SA and workflow, and 14 live simulation experiments were conducted with two teams of nine players each. Finally, a qualitative analysis of the information flow configurations applied in the experiments evaluated the expected effects of information flows in the live experiment. The study found a positive correlation between the quality of information flow and workflow in construction, indicating causation in line with theoretical expectations. Specifically, free communication among planners together with management tools such as formal weekly work planning and a digital planning tool reduced the assembly time, working time, and non-value-added time of the subcontractors in the experiments. Good information flows among production planners and an up-to-date jobsite status diminish uncertainty and increase SA, which lead to improved workflow and productivity.

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