There are a number of decisions that a home owner has to make while renovating his home, like which areas of the property to refurbish first, which contractor or handyman to hire and so on. Unfortunately, not many think about following a green approach while refurbishing their property, due to lack of awareness about the copious benefits of going green. The fact is that one can save a great deal of money by making some simple eco-friendly renovations and at the same time do their bit towards protecting the nature.

You can go green by even considering how your house would be powered. For instance, to get the energy supply you can consider adding solar panels or if you rely on burning the fossil fuels, like natural gas or oil, then you can switch to heat pump systems or biomass boilers. In fact, you can use the combination of various heating methods to power your home. For instance, you can use the biomass system, alongside the heating pump system. This would help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars on your monthly electricity bills.

Upgrading windows of your house to energy saving models is another pocket friendly tip to green up your place. You can very easily find energy-efficient windows in a home improvement or furniture store near your place. Though, the market is flooded with a wide variety when it comes to energy-efficient home accessories, but double pane windows are particularly very popular. These windows are made up of two glass panes with a film of gas amid them and reduce heat transference. Thus, by replacing single pane windows with the dual ones you can substantially reduce the heating and cooling costs.

Using recycled materials, wherever and whenever possible, can also help you go green. So, while upgrading your house, opt for renovation materials made from the recycled materials. There are several advantages of using biodegradable materials. For instance, they do not contaminate air by releasing noxious gases. Moreover, when you use materials which have been harvested from natural environment, you act as a responsible citizen and protect Mother Nature from the adverse effects of non biodegradable substances.

You can even consider changing the flooring of your house to enjoy the benefits of green options. Barn board and reclaimed rubber, for instance, make wonderful choices when it comes to choosing materials for flooring. There are a few more green renovations that you can make in your house, such as insulating the ceiling with recyclable materials, like old newspapers, old denims, soy beans etc, buying appliances with high star ratings, using CFL light bulbs etc. All these upgrades are extremely simple to make but can significantly change the look and feel of your house. So, instead of sticking to those energy consuming appliances, heating systems, traditional light bulbs etc, that you have been using for years, implement the above suggested green changes in your life and see what difference they make to your world.

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