AbstractIn this study, rainfall time series data of 36 years collected at 33 meteorological stations were analyzed to introduce spatial and temporal characteristics of daily, monthly, and seasonal rainfall patterns for Northern Cyprus. For this purpose, concentration index (CI), precipitation concentration index (PCI), and seasonality index (SI) were employed. Additionally, the temporal trend of these indexes was evaluated using the Mann-Kendall (MK) trend test and innovative-Şen test (IŞT). Analyzing the temporal changes of rainfall patterns in the Eastern Mediterranean region is valuable to the whole area, where many countries are suffering from both water scarcity and increasing flash flood frequency. Therefore, the findings of this study were compared with the results of regional studies. The results of CI analysis show that Northern Cyprus has a moderately concentrated distribution of rainfall. On the other hand, the North Coast and Kyrenia Mountains regions are characterized by high annual rainfall as well as high risk of flood events. PCI and SI results show a greatly seasonal rainfall distribution pattern across the study area. Additionally, significant upward trends are observed in the majority of the stations in daily rainfall concentration.

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