The special collection on Interdependence between Structural Engineering and Construction Management is available in the ASCE Library at The guest editors of this special collection are Didem Ozevin and Mehdi Modares.With the continual advancements in the fields of materials, modeling, and manufacturing, the process of structural design can consider the life-cycle cost, inspection, and maintenance planning, as well as optimization to achieve maximum resiliency and sustainability. To attain these goals, structural engineers can closely collaborate with construction management experts. This special collection provides support for the translation of intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary research studies performed in these areas into general engineering practice. This special collection is based on the 10th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (ISEC 10) held at the University of Illinois at Chicago, May 2019. The papers in this special collection present a unique symbiosis of various engineering and associated disciplines with the core areas of structural engineering and construction management. This special collection presents studies as they relate to structural analysis, structural design, and construction management, and their interdependence.

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