The special collection on the EMI Conference Student Competition Finalist Papers is available in the ASCE Library ( online collection is comprised of invited papers based on the paper/poster winners and finalists of the student paper/poster competitions that take place every year during the annual Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Conference, starting from the 2020 EMI conference. These articles reflect the depth and breadth of the research that is routinely presented in one of the premier engineering mechanics conferences in the world. They also reflect the commitment of EMI and the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (JEM) to promote the participation of students and younger researchers in the advancement of engineering mechanics at large. This special collection is supported by the following EMI Committees: Computational Mechanics, Dynamics, Elasticity, Granular Materials, Modeling Inelasticity and Multiscale Behavior, Objective Resilience, Poromechanics, Probabilistic Methods, and Structural Health Monitoring and Control. As papers are accepted and published online, they will be added to this collection. Readers are encouraged to visit the collection often to find recently added content.

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