AbstractThis paper considers the stability of mixed traffic flow and the necessity of speed control to achieve safety and efficiency goals. Therefore, a speed-coordinated control model is proposed for mixed traffic flow based on stability analysis at an expressway merging area. Firstly, stability intervals are obtained by using an intracluster stability analysis in an intercluster. Secondly, a speed-coordinated control model is set up considering the stability characteristics in a merging area. Finally, an objective function is developed, which considers time-to-collision (TTC), dynamic space occupancy (DSO), and vehicle specific power (VSP). A numerical simulation is built up to analyze the traffic conditions and stability by using the proposed model against a null scenario without using the proposed model. The analysis results indicate that the stability of the intracluster has two regions, and the stability of the intercluster is mainly affected by the speed fluctuation and the distance between the merging cluster and the vehicles on the main road. Secondly, the proposed model tends to gradually achieve a steady state when the position reaches 180 m. Meanwhile, the efficiency of the model is found to be the best when the minimum safe-distance interval is set at (18, 27). In addition, the volatility of TTC drops by 5% and the DSO has reached 11.99% in the acceleration lane optimization together with 18.37% in the main lane optimization. The frequency is found to be the highest when the VSP reaches (10, 20), and the optimized efficiency reaches 45%–50%. The model proposed in this paper will effectively analyze the stability characteristics of mixed traffic flow and provides a research foundation for the stability of mixed traffic flow. Moreover, this model builds up a multi-objective-oriented speed-coordinated control scheme for high-efficiency operations in the merging area and provides technical support for traffic management in the future.

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