For homeowners and property management companies there are a lot of different things that need to be taken into account when it comes to home maintenance. With something as valuable as your home or property portfolio at stake, it’s always worth being thorough and making sure no corners are cut. The area of home maintenance where this is perhaps most true is in basement waterproofing; in a place like Philadelphia, wet weather means that keeping the inside of a property sealed off from the outside is of the utmost importance. No matter what the quality of your home’s original build, water damage is always a potential risk due to the way in which these problems can occur. The below are some of the main signs that experts in Philadelphia say you should be on the lookout for if you want to avoid the long term problems and financial hit that comes with this type of damage. Perhaps the most obvious sign that your basement is no longer sealed tight is the actual presence of moisture. The worst case scenario here is full on flooding, but it is not always quite this insidious. Sometimes the problem starts with small puddles that might make you think they’re just a spill, or with condensation building up on walls and windows. If you are worried and see any water down there, an inspection is a good place to start. You might not have the physical water still in your basement, but look out for water marks and stains that indicate there has been a puddle or a patch of dampness in the area before. If you see these on the floor then the water might be coming up from below. Your basement walls are a good place to check for structural integrity in their own right, but this can be especially relevant if you’re worried you have an issue with waterproofing. The water that gets into improperly sealed walls causes them to expand and contract, and this can be bad news for the integrity of the wall. Check how yours are aligned if you’re worried about damp seeping in. You might have areas in your basement that have been painted and these can provide good signs that there is water seeping in if the paint has started to peel and crack away. If you see this, then you should definitely consider basement waterproofing. Philadelphia homeowners have had to pay thousands of dollars because they left signs like this without calling in a professional. The hardest part of home maintenance is preventing problems from getting worse once they’ve started. Thankfully, you now know the signs to look out for to determine whether your basement has water seepage issues. If you spot any of these signs then it’s best to call a reputable company right away to have them come and assess what work might need to be carried out. Calling in the professionals is always worth it when it comes to such a complex and important job as basement waterproofing – Philadelphia or anywhere else in the country! Nick Iskenian is a local resident of New Jersey and the owner and founder of Best Choice Waterproofing. The company provides effective, professional quality solutions for damp problems, carrying out foundation repairs and basement waterproofing, Philadelphia. If your home is suffering from water seepage, mildew, damp, cracks, warping, paint peeling or a range of other issues, their highly trained field operators have the skills and experience to solve the problem.
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