AbstractWith wind and other variable renewable energy (VRE) generation gradually becoming the main power source, it is difficult to ensure the flexible and secure operation of the system by completely relying on conventional sources to balance the uncertainty and volatility of VRE. The increase of VRE penetration leads to the shortage of operation reserves, and wind power is allowed to participate in reserve services. However, the output of wind power is uncertain, and how to ensure the reliability and sustainability of wind power reserves is still an open question. A robust energy and reserve dispatch method considering the flexibility of wind power is proposed to solve this problem. To effectively measure the output and reserve margin of wind power under uncertain scenarios, (1) the grid connection coefficient of wind turbine generators (WTGs) is defined, and the uncertainty set considering active wind power curtailment is established; and (2) based on two kinds of WTG control methods, the reserve model of wind farms is established. The model links the reserve capacity between the base scenario and uncertain scenarios through the reserve coefficient, which ensures that the wind power reserve determined in the base scenario is still deliverable in any uncertain scenario. The robust scheduling model determines the optimal dispatching and reserve plan of conventional units and wind farms by balancing the system operation economy and the schedulable reserve of wind power. The column-and-constraint generation algorithm is used to solve the model. The effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by the illustrative results of the IEEE normal system.

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