I recently got the possession of my new home and I would like to share my experience. So if you are someone who is planning to build their own home or the process of construction is underway you may related to my experience and maybe there is a thing or two that you might learn from my experiences. I bought plot for my home construction in 2016-17 and for the past 4 years the plot remained idle. It was in January 2021 that I decide to begin the construction. I and my wife meet 2 different builders and we discussed with both the idea of the dream home we wanted for ourselves. Both the builders gave us quite a similar plan. With a 1000 square feet plot area the options are limited. While one builder proposed we get a lift installed the other builder did not propose so at all. After multiple meetings and discussions we finalized one builder. The following are the rooms and areas we agreed to on the following floors. Ground Floor – Poarch, Small Office, Entrance Lobby, Store Room, Private Sitting Room and One BathroomFirst Floor – Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, One Bedroom and Large Front BalconySecond Floor – 2 Bedrooms and one book reading area, one small balconyRoof Top – Rooftop with another store room. The construction process and completion took about a year and today we are very pleased to be residing at own new home. If you are looking for a good builder to build your house then it is essential that work with a builder you can trust. Speak to the builder about all the material they will use in the construction work. They must use only the best construction materials. Cement should be Ultra Tech or similar, Steel should be from national company with good reputation and so on. It would be very helpful if you have a written and signed agreement with bungalow house in Kolkata builder. The written agreement should contain all details like cost per square feet, brand name of the bathroom fittings that will be used, payment plan, wall size, height of the roof, thickness of the plinth, what cost vitrified titles will the builder use, what brand vitrified titles the builder will use, what material will be used for the windows and door and so on. Proceed with the agreement only when you are clear on all fronts. If you have doubts on any of the points within the agreement first get clarification. If you want a top notch experience with the construction of your home and do not want to be let down by the builder at any point then this is just some of the ground work you will have to do. Any slip up on the agreement part and the construction material part may prove to be your undoing later. If you are able to find a builder who has the vision to create a beautiful home and has a passion for beautiful home then you are in the right hands. The bungalow price in Kolkata mainly depends on the cost of the plot and the construction cost. Since 2021 the cost of construction has risen by about 20 percent and a rate of 1500-1650 rupees square feet is good enough for building a modern home with top quality construction.
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