Aside from the space saving advantages and minimalist aesthetic of concealed pre-wall bathroom systems, modern high-quality options offer further opportunities and design freedom. Scott James, Managing Director at Viega, outlines what is available, considering both the pre-wall frames and flush actuators.

More than with any other room, making the best possible use of space in a bathroom is crucial, and this is especially true for en-suite facilities. Selecting products that offer the flexibility to place the key fixtures and fittings in the location that best fits the needs of the users and the space is therefore important. Compact, slimline pre-wall frames allow the space required for the cistern and pipework to be minimised. There are also low height frames that allow the WC to be located on a wall under a window or below a sloping ceiling. For example, within the Viega Prevista range we have a WC frame that is just 820 mm high. These frames can also be built into furniture to provide a low-profile concealed alternative to installation behind a wall.

Furthermore, the pre-wall systems can also offer flexibility in terms of the placement of the flush plate. Many systems with electronically activated mechanisms can be located in a position and orientation that best suits the design and provides the best user experience. Depending on the product, it may be possible to fit it in front or on top of the cistern if required. Some flush plates can also be mounted vertically and there are options for remote activation, allowing the flush plate to be placed where it is most convenient, such as on an adjacent wall.

The flush plates themselves also offer a range of design possibilities with a wide array of both bold, eye-catching designs and stylish but unassuming options available in different materials and finishes. These include wood, glass, gold plated metal, plastic and brushed and polished stainless steel. There are also novel approaches to the activation itself, such as our iF DESIGN AWARDS Gold Label winning Visign for More 202 flush plate, which features a prominent rotating control instead of the usual flat panel.  

New innovations in the technology have also introduced the option to integrate subtle illumination. Some flush plates that feature this technology will have movement activated LEDs that illuminate the flush volume controls to provide a modern and sleek look. There are other products, such as our Visign for More 201 and Visign for More 204, that feature light in a more innovative way. The illuminated frame highlights the flush plate with a pleasant neutral light to serve as a guide and illumination at night but is designed to blend with the rest of the bathroom lighting during normal use.

Finally, products with touchless activation offer the ideal solution to improving hygiene as well as making it easier for all users of the bathroom. The electronically actuated mechanism means the user simply needs to hold their hand in front of the desired flush volume control on the plate to activate it. As there is no physical pressure required it makes the flush easy to operate for everyone, including children and those who are less physically able.

Modern pre-wall systems offer more than simply a concealed alternative to a close coupled WC. Choosing the right product can open up new design possibilities and help create a bathroom space that delivers the best possible user experience.

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