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Today people feel more insure inside their home as the number of thieves or robbers have been increasing at an alarming rate. So they strengthen the home safety systems to control the attack of robbers or thieves, including providing grills, extra locks, taking services of guards or dogs, and so on. But despite this fact, experienced burgers or intruders can easily break the home safety system. That’s why there comes the question of advanced home safety and security measures.
We’ve put together some advanced home safety and security measures that will help you have a clear idea you’re going to design a home.   Installing Surveillance devices
Surveillance devices are very essential for advanced security measures, being the prime part of security measures. They have been very popular among people for avoiding theft or robbery. They are very instrumental in preventing theft and helps to track theft or robbery in case any theft happens.
A surveillance device consists of a camera and recording system that can be installed very easily. The recording system may be a digital video recorder, and DVR. The device can be installed with wires or cables but it can be installed through a wireless system also. Data is automatically recorded on a hard drive or a removable CD/DVD. In this respect, there is no need of operating the device as it works automatically. 
Since signals are transmitted through the wireless transmitter, an owner can check home security at any time whenever he/she wishes. Nowadays, surveillance devices and CCTV (Closed Circuit television) are the best options for advanced home safety and security measures you can utilize. 
Home Security Shutters
Intruders or burglars generally enter through windows and assess the house seeking through windows. Home security shutters of windows are very essential for advanced home security and safety as they are manufactured from steel or aluminum. You will find several designs of home security shutters in the market such as bi-folding, electronic louvers, and side-folding modals. 
While home security shutters are manually opened and closed, most of them are operated by remote control. The prime advantage of these security shutters is that no one staying outside the house can see the activities inside the room but the person staying inside can observe the activities outside the house. The specifications of these shutters are they are available in different designs, maintain privacy strongly, are very easy in maintenance, and are very helpful to control the climate in the room. 
Monitoring Security Alarm
The home security alarm is a telephone-based security system and is directly linked to an alarm watching facility of the company. With full security guards, this system works 24 hours and provides the highest security for homes. 
In case of the security of a house is broken, the security alarm automatically sends signals to the monitoring company. The monitoring guards of the company that provides 24-hour services caution the owner of the house and home security of the matter and the owner takes measures accordingly. The owner either takes additional guards or informs the police. 
Also, you will find more security alarm systems in the market that contains alarm button. When there is an attack by a thief or robber or a medical emergency on the house, it sends an immediate alarming signal to the monitoring company. 
Motion Detector
A motion detector can be the first line of defense to prevent burglars. Burglars generally enter your house through main doors, windows, upstairs, basement gates, and garages as these are the possible entrances for them. So how can you protect your house from intruders or burglars? The answer to this question is that you should utilize a motion detector that works on a small and battery-operated system. 
This device can be set up on front or backdoors, windows, or outside the house. Whenever it detects any motion, it gives a loud alarm. 
When you’re out of home, the house needs the security of a motion detector. In case burglars strike and try to enter the house, the motion detector calls the police and informs you on the phone. This device gives a very loud sound and burglars or intruders run away in fear from the house. This system contains a lot of sound alarms including dog barking, bell ringing, and so on. This is also one of the most effective measures for advanced home security. 
Automatic Security Gate
Security gate offers the simplest way to secure your home. This system makes home security more convenient and wonderful. Some automatic security gates contain extra security features like deadbolt locks, locks, and so on. You can open and close these locks automatically with the help of a remote or manually. 
When the electricity is gone, these gates may be operated by a powered battery that works for 24 hours. The prime benefit of utilizing these gates is that you can operate them from 100 feet away without any trouble. 

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