This practical guide provides the best introduction to large deformation material point method (MPM) simulations for geotechnical engineering. It provides the basic theory, discusses the different numerical features used in large deformation simulations, and presents a number of applications – providing references, examples and guidance when using MPM for practical applications.

MPM covers problems in static and dynamic situations within a common framework. It also opens new frontiers in geotechnical modeling and numerical analysis. It represents a powerful tool for exploring large deformation behaviors of soils, structures and fluids, and their interactions, such as internal and external erosion, and post-liquefaction analysis; for instance the post-failure liquid-like behaviors of landslides, penetration problems such as CPT and pile installation, and scouring problems related to underwater pipelines. In the recent years, MPM has developed enough for its practical use in industry, apart from the increasing interest in the academic world.

Table of contents :
Content: Computational geomechanics / E.J. Fern, K. Soga and E.E. Alonso —

Fundamentals of the material point method / A. Yerro and A. Rohe —
Different formulations and integration schemes / A. Chmelnizkij and J. Grabe —
Recent developments to improve the numerical accuracy / E. Wobbes, R. Tielen, M. Möller, C. Vuik and V. Galavi —
Axisymmetric formulation / V. Galavi, F.S. Tehrani, M. Martinelli, A.Elkadi and D. Luger —
Numerical features used in simulations / F. Ceccato and P. Simonini —
An introduction to critical state soil mechanics / E.J. Fern and K. Soga —
An introduction to constitutive modelling / E.J. Fern and K. Soga —
The granular column collapse / E.J. Fern and K. Soga —
Inverse analysis for modelling reduced-scale laboratory slopes / S. Cuomo, M. Calvello and P. Ghasemi —
Dyke embankment analysis / B. Zuada Coelho and J.D. Nuttall —
Landslides in unsaturated soil / A. Yerro and E.E. Alonso —
Preliminary analysis of a landslide in the north-west pacific / E.J. Fern —
Thermal interaction in shear bands : the Vajont landslide / M. Alvarado, N.M. Pinyol and E.E. Alonso —
Excavation-induced instabilities / N.M. Pinyol and G. Di Carluccio —
Slope reliability and failure analysis using random fields / G. Remmerswaal, M.A. Hicks and P.J. Vardon —
Jacked pile installation in sand / A. Rohe and P. Nguyen —
Cone penetration tests / F. Ceccato and P. Simonini —
Dynamic compaction / A. Chmelnizkij and J. Grabe —
Installation of geocontainers / B. Zuada Coelho —
Applications in hydraulic engineering / X. Zhao and D. Liang —
Thermal interaction in shear bands / M. Alvarado, N.M. Pinyol and E.E. Alonso.


TitleThe Material Point Method for Geotechnical Engineering: A Practical Guide
AuthorJames Fern (Editor), Alexander Rohe (Editor), Kenichi Soga (Editor), Eduardo Alonso (Editor)
ISBNISBN-13: 978-1138323315 ISBN-10: 1138323314
Size149 MB
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