The Blue Plant, its our home, we are leaving hare for long long time. The questions about human past and future are all prediction, no one can say anything regarding this with hundred percent correctly.


Recently we are assuming that, Earth can be not habituated for us in coming days, then the question comes up –  where we will go? Who can help us?


Mercury, its a smallest plant in our family, who is leading in front in our universe.


For our life need many critical consequences but the basic of all require the Water combination or chances of that at least.


Its temperature can go down -273f or 173c & day temperature 801f or 427c, this is hot enough to melt lead. Life cant be survive even few percentage of second.


Venus, its a twin sister of Eart’s but the atmosphere & temperature are very dengourous for life, its equally like hell for us. The surface pressure is 92bar, you can feel that more than 3000 ft under the ocean.


Mars, the red planet, yet the first step on the surface is due but we can colonize on Mars because its not like earth, there are many differences between Mars & Earth, one of them is atmosphere & gravity.


Jupiter, its a gas planet and its has no solid surface on it. Without Jupiter life cant be possible on Eart because its a largest plant in our family, its gravity always save us from the Astroate in universe.


Saturn, its famous for its rings, its a gas plant like Jupiter, it has no solid surface. Jupiter & Saturn are mostly made Hydrogen and Helium.


Uranus, its ice giant planet, its made by Hydrogen, Helium & Methane gas, which is the responsible for its color, life cant be possible in Uranus but its moon has little more chance for life as per the modern science, but the distance is the main concern for investigation.


Neptune, after the sad ending of Pluto, it is our longest friend in our family, till now we came to know that, there is no much solid surface after the layers of gas, for life it is not a good place bt its moon Triton will be very interesting in coming days.


We have to enhancement more in our science and technology for finding our second home, we are optimistic and sure we can do that ONE DAY..

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