In contrast to most other countries – such as the United Kingdom and the United States – Australia is lucky to have low crime rates. In fact, Australia is ranked as the world’s 13th safest country, and Sydney is ranked as the world’s 5th safest city.

Although crime still exists in Australia, it pays off to be cautious about the area before you buy, as prior research is always the best idea. There are a few considerations that come into play when evaluating the most dangerous and safest suburb in any given area:
The current rate of crime
Police presence
Demographics of population
Most Dangerous Sydney Suburbs
The most violent suburbs in Sydney, according to NSW Crime Figures 2020 by suburb.
Blacktown – has a high crime rate, with increased pickpocketing rates, teenager harassment, drug use, robbery without firearms, and home theft. Abbott Locksmiths Western Sydney can service the Blacktown homes for any security upgrades.
Penrith – due to the high rates of drug offences, burglaries, domestic violence, and automobile thefts.
Merrylands – with high rates of attempted murder, terrorism plots, car break-ins, drive-by shootings, and firearm usage. Abbott Locksmiths Cumberland can service the Merrylands homes for any security upgrades.
Liverpool – with high numbers of stabbings, drug use and distribution, alcohol problems, break-ins, harassment, homicide and petty thefts.
Auburn – has high harassments against women, domestic violence, killings, and hostility near its train stations. Abbott Locksmiths Ryde can service the Auburn homes for any security upgrades.
If you live in or near one of these Sydney suburbs, we recommend getting in contact with a “Locksmith Near Me” or local locksmith, so we can update your home and business security to safeguard you and the people you care about most. From access control, CCTV systems, automotive services, safes, restricted keys, remotes and much more security installations available.
Safest Sydney Suburbs
According to the same NSW Crime Figures 2020, the areas surrounding the North Shore, Northern Beaches and the Inner-City suburbs seem safer, while the areas towards the West tend to see a higher crime rate.
Middle Cove in the Lower North Shore. Abbotts Locksmiths Ryde can service the Middle Cove homes for any security upgrades.
Kyle Bay in the Southern Suburbs. Abbotts Locksmiths Surry Hills can service the Kyle bay homes for any security upgrades.
Mount Vernon, which is the only Western Sydney Suburbs to make the “safe” list.
Wheeler Heights in the Northern Beaches. Abbott Locksmiths Bondi Junction can service the Auburn homes for any security upgrades.
Northwood, which is on the Lower North Shore. Abbott Locksmiths North Sydney can service the Northwood homes for any security upgrades.
Suburb safety heavily influences property prices, as Sydney siders are constantly seeking the best neighbourhoods to live in and avoid the most dangerous suburbs. This property trend can be seen all around Australia and the world.
Every homeowner deserves to feel safe, and while statistics suggest that one neighbourhood is safer than another, safety is never guaranteed, so it is best to invest in security measures for your home and business no matter your suburb.
Get in contact with Abbott’s Locksmiths when you’re ready for a skilled security evaluation of your Sydney home, commercial property or industrial facility. We’ll make sure your property’s security is up to par with the crime rates in your neighbourhood. Abbott’s teams have locations in the following suburbs, but we also have mobile services meaning no matter where you are in Sydney, we can come to you and diagnose the issue:
Locksmith Five Dock
Locksmith Bondi Junction
Locksmith Ryde
Locksmith North Sydney
Locksmith Surry Hills
Fireproof Home Safe
At A.Abbott Locksmiths, we are one of Australia’s largest and most reputable safe providers. We deliver new and used safes anywhere in Australia, for all types of Residential and Commercial requirements. From Safe Deposit Boxes to Fireproof Home Safes, Abbott’s has an extensive inventory to suit all budgets.
Not only do safes keep your valuables and documents safe from theft, but some safes can keep your sentimental valuables secure in the event of a natural disaster.
In particular, fireproof home safes explicitly have an SP Fire Resistant Certification and uphold strict international standards. Protecting paper and documents from extreme heat for approximately 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Fireproof safes also discourage theft due to their strength and weight, making them difficult to move and force open.
CCTV Suppliers
Whether you need to upgrade each door of your property, safe deposit box or window lock, or whether you wish to install a CCTV Security System, A.Abbott Locksmiths can respond to your Residential Locksmith Requirements in no time.
A Closed-Circuit Television Camera is often the top choice for building security, preventing crimes against individuals and property. CCTV cameras work by transmitting video footage through a closed circuit. A.Abbott offers CCTV cameras, CCTV monitors and CCTV recorders; you can also link each CCTV together to provide immediate access to security footage across a building.
Trustful Locksmiths Near Me Sydney
At Abbott Locksmiths Sydney, we have highly experienced Safe Deposit Box Suppliers and Fireproof Home Safe Suppliers in Sydney. We have been providing Locksmith Services, such as home safe instalments and residential key cutting, to residents and businesses in Sydney for decades.

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A.Abbott Locksmiths is a family-owned Locksmith business who has been providing Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services for more than 50 years. Whether you require a Mobile Locksmith in Sydney or a 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Sydney, A.Abbott Locksmiths will keep you secure when you need it most.

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